What people had to say about us:

"March to May walks the line like a tightrope walker never taking you into that beautiful but boring place, and always keeping you awed. Their harmonies are perfect and the way they incorporate instrumentation works perfectly for what they’ve created." - Brian Snider, Secretly Important (show review: The Triple Door, Nov. 2015). Read more here.

"The entire album is an emotional force to be reckoned with, with voices that intertwine like winds; each song felt like an element of its own." - Blue Harvest Records. Read more here.

"Count the Days [...] is a really incredible song, a kind of Fleetwood Mac “Rumors” tempo and a chorus that nearly had me convinced they stole a lyric and music sheet from the studio while Fleetwood Mac was busy not talking to each other." - Brian Snider, Secretly Important (album review, The Water's Edge EP). Read more here.

"The Water’s Edge is hauntingly beautiful music with an ethereal, soulful feel. Extremely relaxing to listen to, yet so lyrically brilliant you hang on every word... This album is a refreshing example of what genuine artistry really is and of the beauty that can be created when two people come together to create something amazing." - Jamsphere.com. Read more here.

"Together Beth and Darren create something very powerful. Beautiful at times, and heartbreaking at times - their voices and instruments meet and give birth to some of the most delicate and elegant sounds I have heard in a long time." - All What's Rock. Read more here.

"Even among the sea of modern rock bands that the west coast is, it’s clear to see that March to May truly is something special." - MusicExistence

"If you like a dash of romance in your live music, the duo called March to May might be your ticket... [Their music] has a distinctive sound born of an unmistakable chemistry." - Diane Urbani de la Paz, Peninsula Daily News. Read more here.

"...I was mesmerized by their performance. Barely a year old, their collaboration March to May is a touching story, and I’m looking forward to watching this duo continue to evolve and truly hone in on their skills as songwriters and performers."  - Sabrina Hamilton, Seattle Wave Radio

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