March to May - Folk Alliance International Application



Seattle-based folk pop duo March to May interweaves guitar and harp with rich vocal harmonies, haunting lyrics, and riveting melodiesThey formed in early 2013 after a chance meeting out on a wild stretch of the Washington coast. They released their debut EP, The Water's Edge, to critical acclaim in April 2015. In addition to an active calendar of shows in Seattle and further afield, they are in the middle of producing two music videos and a full-length album.

Recommended if you like:

The Swell Season, The Civil Wars, Damien Rice & Lisa Hannigan

Awards and accolades:

  • FAR-West Regional Conference 2016: Official Showcasing Artist
  • Eleven consecutive weeks at the top of Y'allwire's Y'allturnative video charts - "Embers"
  • Akademia Music Award (August 2015) - Best Pop / Singer-Songwriter Song, "Embers"
  • Secretly Important's "Top 10 Singles/EPs of 2015" - The Water's Edge EP

FAI song submission: