Our music videos are labors of love. We're incredibly proud of them - and they wouldn't have been possible without the help, inspiration, and support of our ridiculously talented partners.

Fifty Years - Official Music Video

Released in June 2017 via Surviving the Golden Age.

Huge thanks to Tetraknot productions, Erin Nichole Boyt, Ben Shields, Tracy Hagen, Cathy Wesche, George Bentley, and Geam Lim.

The Navigator - Official Music Video

Released October 2016 on The Bluegrass Situation.

Huge thanks to Erin Nichole Boyt, Version Excursion Dance, Tetraknot productions, Laura James, Jasmine Wright, Natasha Krugmeier, Abby Heil, Cherise Snow, Jon Lafollette, and Budi Mulyo.

Embers - Official Music Video

Released March 2014.

Huge thanks to Tracy Nystrom, Ashley Almon, Norm Tumolva, Annie Moore, and West Beach Resort.