We funded our Kickstarter!! 

You and 162 incredibly generous backers got us this far: now it's our turn. This summer, we're going into the studio this summer to create something incredible for you. We'll be posting updates here and on our Facebook page as we go! Read more about the campaign here.

Coming soon: "The Navigator"

The last year has been an odyssey. Together with Erin Boyt (Version Excursion Dance), Avast Productions, Laura James (Underneath the Looking Glass), and a whole crew of talented cast and crew members, we've been hard at work on a very special project. See a sneak preview here.

Watch: "Embers"

Our first music video, shot on Orcas Island. Huge thanks to Norm Tumolva, Tracy Nystrom, and Ashley Almon for bringing the video to life, and to West Beach Resort for providing the location.

March to May was formed in early 2013 by singer/songwriters Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche...

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 Upcoming shows.  Where we'll be and where we've been...

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